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I do really like this watch and find myself claiming it for wrist time more often than not. Other people seem to like it as well. When they do, it gives me the opportunity to tell them all about Bremont, and the U-2. I like that it is an English watch (with a Swiss movement). Something about "London" written on the dial as opposed to "Swiss Made" that feel fresh. The movement is Swiss, like I said. Bremont uses as base ETA 2836 automatic - that has a day and date feature. Bremont modifies it a bit and calls it the Bremont Caliber BE-36AE. The movement has further been COSC Chronometer certified for accuracy. In addition to having some really nice perlage polish and blued steel screws, it has a very cool black colored custom Bremont rotor. There is a great (though watch nerd) joy when you hand someone a cool looking functional watch, only to have them turn it over and say "wow" when seeing the unexpected decorated movement.

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 34

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 34

In addition to the green hour markers and hands, there is some green aluminum on the helium release valve that is meant to add some style. I still don't think the watch is meant to be a fashion timepiece, but that isn't its point. It is a happy, and stalwart tool that adds enough flair to never be boring. Christopher Ward put a Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement inside the watch. This is basically a Swiss made clone of the ETA 2824. Attached to the watch is a pretty basic rubber diving strap with that standard "wave" pattern near the lugs for added flex and comfort. The strap is very comfortable. It is a bit tough to get the excess strap in the loops, but many rubber straps are. I had no problems with the strap, but those who want to "dress" up their C600 might want to experiment with other straps that add a bit more flair to the design.

Although I've written about the new A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1 Daymatic watch elsewhere, I needed to mention it to my primary audience here on, especially after getting my hands on them. Lange has officially released a new "grail watch." Extending the attractiveness of the Lange 1 line even more by essentially adding a new automatic movement and twisting up the design a bit. Plus, the watch has grown by just a hair from the Lange 1. When A. Lange & Sohne was a reborn luxury brand in the 1990s, the avant garde Lange 1 watch to be their flagship model - with a look and poise un-paralleled elsewhere. Now, 15 years after the Lange 1 debuted its asymmetric face, we are presented with a new vision of the model.

8. Paul Gerber,
9. Beat Haldimann,
10. Dr. Ludwig Oechslin,
11. Kari Voutilainen,
12. Roger Smith,
13. François-Paul Journe.

- Water-resistant to 50 m / 5 atm

Breguet Type XX Aéronavale Limited Edition Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

Tissot Watches At MotoGP Motorcycle Race Shows & Events

In the included video you can wait through most of it or skip ahead near the end when they discuss and show some rather funtastic special effects of the TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis watch. You not only get a good idea of how it works, but of how complex it is. They put all this effort into the video and it isn't even in English - the bastards. The TimeWriter watches will be a growing collection from Montblanc magical workshop in Villeret. The plan is to give the young and eager watch makers the ability to make crazy things. As such, the names of the two gentlemen who made this watch are on the dial. They are Johnny Girardin and Franck Orny. They needed to make their creation in Montblanc form, so you see the reverse teardrop style case that other Montblanc Villeret branded watches arrived in.

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If you like darker watches, the Classico Blue has a PVD black coated version in addition to the brushed steel model. Price is just a bit more for the sand-blasted PVD watch if you like it better. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement. With a nicely architected case, 1000 meters of water resistance, and a Swiss automatic movement, the price for the Classico Blue watch is pretty fair. Prices start at 0 for the steel version with a leather strap (0 with the metal bracelet), up to 0 for the PVD version on a metal bracelet (0 in PVD on the leather strap). Both watches also come with an addition sports strap (probably rubber) with blue trim to match the dials. See where to buy below, and then tech specs below that. Oh, and the Classico Blue will be a limited edition model, but I am not sure of how many pieces.

Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Case is 43.5mm wide and in steel, with polished and satin surfaces. It does actually look quite nice, as does the dial - that would look good if they were to give it a bit more of a traditional looking watch face. There is also a fair amount of lume for actually reading the watch - which is good. Does a piece like this fit into Maurice Lacroix brand DNA? A bit, but many of their pieces go right outside the box.

See St. Dupont watches on eBay here.St. Dupont "Service Without Fail" RAID Watch Watch Releases

Westime Los Angeles
10800 West Pico Boulevard, Ste. 197
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 470-1388
Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm

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In addition to the black and red colored version you see here, there are some fancy color combos that are really fun. My fav is the white and purple (yes, that is my favorite), and there is a CAT tractor looking yellow and block style. In Japan, there will be even more styles if you feel like seeing what is available overseas. Overall a great new G-Shock collection, especially for people who wouldn't normally consider a digital watch. While the GA100 X-Large Combi is not without its minor issues, it is an enjoy experience, and a good looking watch that is bound to lift your style just a little bit. Once again, retail price is .

Tissot actually has a tent shop on the race grounds. The tent looks like a hangar, and inside people are buzzing over the pieces. It is great to see the enthusiasm of the fans for the brand. The collectors all aggressively inquiring "show me the limited editions!" MotoGP is a fun sport, and the fans all get in the action by having motorcycles of their own. Not many of those get up to 180mph, but there are some serious bikes in the crowd. It is great to see a sport, and then be riding home on your own bike imaging you are part of the action. Though I wouldn't want to be racing on Laguna Seca. With its world famous corkscrew turn, you have to be a well-trained rider if you don't want to eat dirt. I saw more than one rider skid out on the difficult track.

Personally I like some of the models enough that I would gladly wear them when I am in the mood for such a bold and fun piece. I think something like this has the potential of being a real fashion icon. Yvan isn't trying to make ripples in the world of haute horology, but rather offering fun pieces of wearable watch art that have a masculine edge, and are highly original. Price for the main Volnatomic collection is going to be several thousand dollars each.

Porsche Design P’6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna

Porsche Design P’6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna

Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Biver & Me: Exclusive Inside Look At The Hublot Watch Manufacture Inside the Manufacture

Tissot Watches At MotoGP Motorcycle Race Shows & Events

SwissKubiK Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

It is very likely that the SNR005 was designed for the Japanese market, but Seiko decided to test it outside of Japan as well. Therefore, the design is beautiful and interesting, with a distinct Japanese twist. Images of the SNR005 don't really do it too much justice. I recall a few years ago seeing images of it and thinking "well, that is interesting, but I am not totally sure about this one." Once you are able to wear the watch a bit you really appreciate it. While the design isn't perfect, it is an extremely capable classy watch, with a super cool movement, and a solid construction. People used to lower-end Seiko watches only, will be pretty impressed by a watch like this. It blows more entry level Japanese watches out of the water.

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

-Hours,Minutes, seconds at centre
-Day/night with disc placed at 12 for local time, the first rays of the sun appearing at 6 am and disappearing at 6 pm making way during night for the display of the moon and stars
-Big GMT placed at 7h ( Dual time zone) 18.50mm independent of the earth globe
-Date with retrograde hand placed at 2h

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> Christiaan Van Der Klaauw Planetarium Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Another little change from the original Dual Tow to the NightEagle is the style of the tourbillon. The bridge now has Claret's double C motif. Both watches are mechanically the same, but the NightEagle has enough cosmetic changes to make it different. I have a feeling the NightEagle will cost even more than the original - especially given the hard to make sapphire bridges in the dial. At the same time, the original is available with a gold case, while the NightEagle is in titanium. Either way, the prices are massive (in the half million dollar range), so if you are eager to get involved in getting one, ten thousand dollars here, or ten thousand dollars there isn't likely going to perturb you. For me, I was excited to meet Christophe Claret and check out his new cool toy.

Swatch Group Founder Nicolas Hayek Dies: Ends Era Of Watch Making Rebirth

Swatch Group Founder Nicolas Hayek Dies: Ends Era Of Watch Making Rebirth