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But worry not, as this is where the new Urwerk EMC Black's DLC coated, "shot-blasted," satin finished titanium and steel case comes into play: its super cool matte black looks conceal the hefty proportions of the angular, instrumental case design and make the four subdials and their bright yellow and white texts pop even more. It even makes the otherwise rather ostentations winding crank blend into the case – situated on the right hand side of the case, it is this skeletonized stem that is used to power up the "electronic optical measuring device" that is used to determine the rate of the watch.

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Whether or not Watchville has 1,000 or 1,000,000 users a few months from now, I see it as an affectionate application by Rose for one of his favorite hobbies. Anyone who is involved with or sympathetic to the "tech lifestyle" will easily appreciate Rose's labor of love and will likely find use in this highly refined and intelligent app. The funny thing is that with his talent and skills, Rose comes out of the bag right away with a useful and quality app, while over the years, I've seen people with a lot more incentive and time put together truly terrible ways of appreciating watches or timepiece news in app form. This is what happens when a true professional adds his touch to the technology of consuming horology.

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Daniels was a watchmaker – considered by many to be the first – who has mastered 32 from the 34 crafts which are required to manufacture a hand-made timepiece. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the dials, hands, indices, and the 40 millimeter wide yellow gold case all are components he could create – but what speaks louder than any of these achievements is, of course, the movement. In 1975, Daniels created the co-axial escapement, arguably the first new escapement design in over 200 years that could be commercialized – as done by Omega.

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The movement operates at 18,000 bph and completely makes up the dial. I also like how it fully takes up the case, so there isn't a lot of wasted room inside of the Hautlence HL2 collection. While the hours are indicated on the moving track, the minutes are represented via a retrograde hand. Under the minute indicator track is a handy power reserve indicator. On the rear of the case is a micro-rotor in 18k gold, and I think it is really cool that on top of everything, the Hautlence HL2.0 collection movements are self-winding automatics.

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You see, the major challenge that classical, more simple aesthetics impose is linked to their relatively small number of design elements: while minor mistakes tend to get lost in a "robot turd" design (to quote John's phrase from the HourTime podcast), as the countless different angles, screws, subdials, texts and hands make them more difficult to spot. However, when it comes to more discreet and simple designs, even minor inconsistencies are generally easier to spot – and tend to be more annoying.

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Garmin figured out long ago that consumers like having the option between round and square screens on their watches. The Garmin fenix collection gets its third iteration with the 2015 Garmin fenix 3, just one year after the Garmin fenix 2. The Garmin fenix 3 is a lot more than a simple upgrade to the Garmin fenix 2 because it adds a lot of features that open the GPS sports watch series up to a whole new category of consumer. For the first time, a Garmin fenix collection timepiece is also a "smartwatch," with the major phone connectivity features people seem to expect. Garmin doesn't expect Garmin fenix 3 owners to rely on the watch as a second phone screen, but has attempted to design it as a true daily wear watch.

Alpina pilot watches are segmented into a few categories, all under the larger Startimer collection. It can actually get a bit confusing, as you have the Startimer Pilot Automatic, Pilot, Pilot Manufacture, Pilot Classic, and Pilot Heritage product ranges. For now, I'll stick to talking about some Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic watches, as that is what you'll see pictured here. These each contain Swiss automatic movements produced by third parties such as Sellita. The Pilot Manufacture collection, by contrast, has movements made by Alpina (and parent company Frederique Constant), and collections like the Pilot have Swiss quartz movements in them.

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I ended up settling on a sizing that is a touch larger than I prefer, which allows it to slide down over the wrist bones. By removing one link, and substituting in a half-link, I was able to keep it above the wrist, which I prefer. This resulted in a fit that was just a touch too tight, especially as the day wore on (protip: if you see part of the case back imprinted on your wrist, the watch is too tight).

For someone like me, who is hopelessly challenged to remember a phone number for any period of time over 15 seconds, this was hugely impressive – and also a very humbling experience. I presume it also goes to show the amount of brain-exercise watchmaking and the assembly of a complicated movement requires: you just have to know where things went inside the movement and what they do and how they are connected; otherwise finding the cure for the problem of a 300+ component movement will prove to be impossible.

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The consequent step is getting the balance wheel poised, meaning that it literally is balanced perfectly. This requires the adjustment of the weight of the balance wheel, which can be achievement either by removing excessive weight through drilling microscopic holes into its periphery, or by adding counter-weights in the form of tiny screws installed in the edge of the wheel. At the Habring2 manufacture, we saw hairsprings and balance wheels be matched together, to guarantee near-perfect timekeeping performance.

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