Omega Speedmaster Mark II 145.014

Overview Of The Gold Moonwatch Models

Omega has been producing James Bond limited edition watches for some time and personally, being only a casual fan of the Bond films, I don't entirely understand the appeal. I can appreciate the overlap for both watch enthusiasts and Bond fans, but Bond doesn't actually wear that version of the watch, he is wearing the standard version, and that is the one I would have. Being both a Seamaster owner and a fan of the Planet Ocean line up, I like that Omega has been able to continually link their line of dive watches with the Bond character and feel that James Bond, being a fictional character, is a perfectly hyperbolic portrait of the Seamaster's core values. A dressy but tool-ready dive watch that is not afraid of a scratch, splash, or the occasional car chase.

Watch enthusiasts may share common traits but come from all walks of life. We find that diversity to be amazing and part of why we all love different things. Some of you are die-hard tool watch lovers, and others might get weak at the knees for watches with diamonds. Just over four years ago I wrote an article about six professional job categories that tend to be watch lovers. I wonder if that assumptions still holds true for the current readership of

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Collector's Corner: "I want variation in my Speedmaster watches"

A few websites online seem to disagree as to the movement used in this watch. Gevril however makes it clear that the Corsaro uses the Technosablier SEDD3C6912 caliber. The what? I have never even heard of movement maker Technosablier up to this point. Google their name and visit their website. You'll get a laugh. They claim the movements are Swiss made but I would put money against it. My feelings are that all Technosablier movements are made in China - with perhaps some final assembly in Switzerland (and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt). While the layout does remind you of the popular Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750, the movement itself looks like some other Chinese movements I have seen. I have no idea what the quality of these movements are - but I can say that it won't be as good at the 7750 or its Sellita clone the SW500.

The watch is pretty huge at 48mm in size and a gummy leather would have been a better option if you had to wear this with a suit, as rubber + big sports watch = smart casual in my book usually, but whatever, make hay while the sun shines and all that so onto the pics!

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Speedy Tuesday Event Photo Report

You made it this far so I might as well talk about what the watch does. I am sure there are other Patek Philippe regulator style watches, but this is the first one that I have personally come across. Regulator style watches are thematically based on old reference clocks used by watch makers and other people who needed an accurate clock to use when setting other clocks and watches. These have separate dials for the hours, minutes, and seconds. The main dial is usually reserved for the seconds while the hour and minutes get subsidiary dials. Thin blued hands do a nice job against the metallic surfaces and railroad track style markers. I will mention it now because they did such a good job, but I love how Patek Philippe matched the color of the hands with a blue alligator strap on the case. Don't you love the design of the strap buckle? Totally retro-cool.

PAC-MAN has probably been the subject of less expensive watches, but this is the first time the popular yellow glutton is featured on a luxury product. Based on the RJ Moon Invaders watch collection, the PAC-MAN watches recreate a view of the game play complete with high-quality rendered pixelated characters. Romain Jerome uses a very sophisticated dial production process which layers material to be crisp and offer a true three-dimensional view.

The piece(s) for review here are the Gucci i-Gucci Sport watches. These come in a few styles and I had two i-Guccis to check out. They also  comes in a few sizes. What you see are the XXL models, but they also come in the more petite XL (Extra Large) size. XXL models are 49mm wide and the XL models are 44mm wide. Though with the wide sloping bezel and lugless design they wear smaller than they are. Also note that I think the smaller i-Gucci model has less features.

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Speedmaster '57 And A Custom Made Strap

Burberry Britain Watches Watch Releases

I don't know why it took me until now to cover Habring² here on You've heard about German watch makers, but what about Austrian ones? Well now you have. These guys are pretty cool - and certainly unique. Imagine if Sinn and Tutima had a cousin across the border. Similar but different, that German speaking cousin regularly wore bowties. That would be Habring². I mean all is good except for the little mathematical "squared number 2" numeral next to the name. I get that it is a team of Maria Kristina Habring and Richard Habring - but did they need to choose a character that requires like 10 minutes to figure out how to enter into a text document?

Longines Watches And The French Open Watch Industry News

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How Will You Be Celebrating This Memorial Day Weekend?

Buglari (Bvlgari) was really proud of the fact that no Maserati branding was on the dial of their special edition Octo watch for Maserati. Turn the piece over and you'll see the famous Trident logo, but the word "Maserati" does not appear anywhere on the watch itself. That is interesting and perhaps wise.

• Black full-grain hand-stiched calf leather, brass and silicone insert
• Articulated RGT buckle white gold and titanium black PVD

Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA Watch Watch Releases

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New IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Replica Watches

Case: Stainless steel with black and rose-tone gold hard coating

German indestructible tool watches don’t get much better than this. A proprietary chronograph module makes for awesome functionality, in a case that is light and hard. Sapphire crystal bezel inlay, and the feeling that you and this watch are going to see some heavy action and walk out just fine.

Maurice de Mauriac Watch Straps 2012

Maurice de Mauriac Watch Straps 2012

Inside the Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA watch is a Swiss mechanical automatic caliber RJ001-CH movement. It is a base Concepto and offers the time and 12 hour chronograph. Not the easiest chronograph in the world to use given that you need to count the markers on the subdials to read how long you've timed. An acceptable sacrifice given the design. I actually wondered why Romain Jerome didn't use more inspiration from the DMC-12's actual instrument cluster. Actually it seems that the car's instrument cluster is rather utilitarian and looks to be inspired by an aircraft cockpit - there's already enough watches that use cockpit gauges as inspiration.

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Time Flies: Historic IWC Pilot’s Replica Watches

When writing about less expensive watches I aim to ensure that budget options are fun and useful. Taking a host of design cues from both popular Swiss and Japanese dive watches, these two new collections from Nautica aren't too bad at prices which are likely to be under 0 each.

Ball Watches For BMW Cars Watch Releases

Baselworld Best: Timepieces To Watch In 2012 Shows & Events

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Omega Speedmaster Straps

The Ikepod KAWS watch dial takes the artist's signature cross design that he uses for eyes (and often on hands). These have been transformed into the watch hands. The chopstick-like hands are the same length, so a small white indicator has been placed on the hour hand enabling you to actually read the time. The hour markers have been made to look like the teeth KAWS uses on many of his characters. The richly three-dimensional dials are colorful and bold - offering a look never quite seen before, and certainly "very KAWS."

TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS Watch Watch Releases

Inside the watch is a mostly titanium movement. Relatively simple by Greubel Forsey standards, the movement is comprised of 267 parts. 88 of those parts are in the tourbillon assembly alone. The movement features the time, tourbillon, subsidiary seconds dial, and power reserve indicator. The manually wound movement has 72 hours of power reserve. The movement surfaces, bridges, and parts are all carefully finished and polished by hand.

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