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Using medieval (and prior) Iceland history, JS Watch came up with an attractive design to engrave all over the 42mm wide steel case of the Frisland God piece. According to the brand they spent a lot of time looking at old Icelandic artifacts for inspiration. On one side of the case is space for an engraving in the ancient Höfðaletur font. It says "Iceland" by default, but JS Watch recommends that each customer order a custom engraving (such as their name) to be spelled out in Höfðaletur (no, I don't know how to pronounce that either) text.

Inside this Grande Reverso Duoface is a Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 986 manually wound movement. All features are controlled via the crown and it has a power reserve of about 48 hours. It is a slick movement and all I could have asked for in addition to the existing features would be a power reserve indicator. For me, I really like it when manually wound movements have those. Price for this excellent Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Duoface watch is ,300 in 18k rose gold and about ,200 in steel. It is a classic, and an easy decision to own.

Swarovski Octea Abyssal Automatic Watch

Swarovski Octea Abyssal Automatic Watch

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Moon phase at 4 o’clock

Seiko will produce only 700 Ananta Automatic Chronograph Ref. SRQ013 (the reference number might be different in Japan) limited edition watches. Maybe a few dozen will come to the US in total. Price is ,700.

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I just got finished using a German proxy server to trick Sinn's website into thinking I was viewing it from their homeland. Why did I do this? To get the price of this new 857 collection watch for you. Sinn apparently uses geo-locating to protect their prices from being viewed by potential buyers outside of Germany. Probably because those prices vary from country to country. Nevertheless, I am still going to tell you the prices as that is only fair.

People can visit to check out Chopard's new online store here in the US. The website isn't half bad. There is no bulky un-navigable Flash and the website seems to offer the right options and information. Chopard even invites people to contact them for more information and I believe a live chat function is also available. Chopard made sure that their e-boutique wasn't just one by name, but also offers the features people expect to actually shop online.

The below essay is a contribution from Evan Tich:

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Sapphire crystal with interior anti-reflective treatment

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This new timepiece is a lovely limited edition and quite high-end for Graham. Only 10 or 20 pieces will be produced (the press release and technical specs seem to disagree on the point of how many will be made), but its stunning design is certainly worth talking about. The watch begins with an impressively sized 46mm wide case (which is actually not large at all given the brand's Swordfish and Chronofighter collection of watches) in 18k pink gold. There is a blue sapphire cabochon in the crown - a not uncommon feature in watches but I always appreciate them. It also goes along nicely with the blue theme.

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857 | 857 S Technical data from Sinn
Mechanical Movement
• ETA 2892-A2
• Self-winding mechanism
• 21 bearing jewels
• 28.800 semi-oscillations per hour
• Seconds stop function
• Shock resistant as per DIN 8308
• Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309
• Case made of stainless steel, black
• Sapphire crystal glass in front, anti-reflective on both sides
• Case back screw-fastened, nickel-free
• Crown screwable
• Water resistant as per DIN 8310
• Pressure resistant to 20 bar (= 200 m water depth)
• Low pressure resistant
• Hours, minutes, seconds
• Date display
• Pilot’s bezel with minute ratcheting and luminous key mark
SINN Technologies
• Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT Technology basis for the S model.
• Captive bezel
• Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
• Magnetic Field Protection up to 80,000 A/m
Dimensions and Weight
• Case diameter: 43 mm
• Band lug width: 22 mm
• Case thickness: 12 mm
• Weight without strap: 90 gramme
Dial and Hands
• Matte black dial
• Numbers and indices coated with luminescent colour
• Hour and minute hand coated with luminescent colour
• 3 years

According to Dubey & Schaldenbrand, the movement finishing and decoration is done in-house. As you can see, on one limited edition model of the Grand Dome there is a lot of hand engraving and decor on the automatic rotor as well as on a movement bridge. It looks quite nice. This is another one of those instances where a brand is able to take something common like a 7750/7751 base and make it look really nice using a lot of their own in-house talent and effort. It goes without saying that the movements are visible through a rear-mounted sapphire caseback window.

Calculating the total bill with a 15% tip (I'm still cheap):

  • The goal: Calculate the total bill with a 15% tip on top of .00.
  • Set the outer ring's "1.15" (115% = 15% plus the base of 100%) over the inner ring index ("1").
  • Find "2" (for .00) on the inner ring.
  • The outer ring shows "2.3" which is .00.
  • So a 15% tip plus the .00 tab is .00 all together.
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The precise watch gifted to Walter White in the show is the Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 ref. CAW2111.FC6183. This version of the Monaco is actually very close in design to the original 1969 version that was worn by Steve McQueen. Tag Heuer actually released an anniversary version of that watch recently which is a more-or-less precise dial copy of the original. This one has a lovely metallic blue dial with squared white subsidiary dials to match the square look of the steel 39mm wide case. It is a very classic look and one that is imbued with sport watch history given that the Monaco is such an iconic design.

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Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10Hz Watch Hands-On Hands-On

UNIQ is a small brand started by industrial and automotive designer Zviad Tsikolia. Their focus is to design affordable watches based on historically significant vehicles. While a few designs have been shown, the M21 is the first watch to be released to the public (read about the UNIQ Caterham Seven here). A limited edition of 300 pieces, the M21 is based on design elements of the Soviet GAZ M21 car which was produced in three series from 1956 to 1970. This watch was created with input from GAZ M21 expert Ivan Paderin and there are a number of notable design features from the GAZ which are used in the M21 watch.

Manual winding

Hands-on the H1 is pretty much what I expected - which is good. A bold futuristic design that is large on the wrist but still quite wearable. The case is a hefty 48.8mm wide and it is 17.8mm thick. With dropping lugs it is meant to fit on most wrists pretty well. You can't help but notice the two bellows in the movement and ring of luminescent green liquid used to indicate the hours. The conceptual execution seems flawless, especially as you adjust the hours back and forward and the green goo moves around the scale promptly. It basically uses pressure, but nothing like this has ever been done using a crown as far as I know - and perhaps not on this small of a scale.

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The original quartz watch name gets recycled. Finally a daily-wear watch you can pretty much rely on to be fully accurate anywhere on the planet (with its GPS signal syncing), and that requires pretty much no attention or adjusting. Just a super solid sober high-tech sport watch from the king of super solid high-tech sport watches.

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